To say that The Red Barn in Augusta cares, would be a huge understatement. If you live in Central Maine, there's a pretty good chance that Laura and her crew have served you some delicious food, and more likely than not, have helped out you, a friend, or relative with one of their countless fundraisers!

It's just what they do at The Red Barn. Whether it's a sick relative, a young family who has just lost a father or mother, or our veterans, owner Laura Benedict has been extremely generous helping out our community. She has held over 1000 fundraisers, and in the last 3 months alone, she has raised over $300,000.

As President Obama prepares to leave office, he took time out to send Laura a note recognizing what she means to our community.

You can see the note below, and we here in Central Maine salute you, for all you do, Miss Benedict!

Facebook/The Red Barn
Facebook/The Red Barn

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