What can Brown do for you?  Help save your house from burning down!

According to a report in the KJ, a UPS driver from Augusta is being credited with helping to save a Mount Vernon house from burning down.

Nathan Allen, who has been a UPS delivery driver for about seven months, we making deliveries on his route on Monday.  He trick was probably loaded with a mixture of business deliveries and Christmas & Holiday presents from far away relatives.  Stopping at a home on Belgrade Road in Mount Vernon, he smelled smoke and noticed the haze of smoke.

Noting that there was no one at home, Allen called 911 to report the fire.  First responders arrived and quickly put out the small fire before it was able to get bigger.

After firefighters arrived, Allen continued with his delivery route.

An investigation found that the fire was caused by something smoldering on the stove.  Inspectors say the fire probably would not have gotten big enough to destroy the house, but it could have grown in size and caused damage to the home.  And, no one wants to deal with a damaged kitchen just before the Christmas Holiday.

When he was asked about the incident, Nathan Allen said he really did not want to waste the time of firefighters, but figured reporting the fire was the right thing to do.

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