For the most part, we have lucked out with the weather this weekend.  Kind of cool, but partly sunny on both Saturday and Sunday.  Yes, there were a few showers, but it was nothing we could not handle.

It looks like we could be ending the weekend with some somewhat rough weather, though.

According to the meteorologists at WGME, Augusta, Waterville, and the rest of Central Maine could end up seeing some isolated severe thunderstorms this afternoon.

By midday, we should be seeing some sunshine.  On top of that, the temps will rise to the mid-70s.

However, in the afternoon and evening, there is a chance that conditions could be right for severe thunderstorms.  If we do get them, they'd likely occur between 2 PM and 8 PM.  The biggest concern about the storms is the threat of gusty winds that could bring down tree limbs or blow small objects around.

No reason to cancel your Labor Day plans, but you are going to want to keep an eye on the sky and on our app because we'll keep you updated.

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