I'm sure by now that you've heard, Australia is on fire, and it has been for a while. These bush fires have been going on since September, and it has been devastating. 25 people have been killed, as well as 500 million animals. Over 15 million acres and 2,000 homes have been burned, that is roughly the size of West Virginia according to USA Today.

The largest areas hit by the blaze are: Victoria, and New South Wales, both were affected so greatly that you can donate directly to help those areas specifically. Victoria can be helped, HERE and you can donate to New South Wales at their government website found, HERE.

Now if you would like to donate to Wildfire relief as a whole, the Australian Red Cross has been raising money for over 18,000 people displaced by the fires. You can donate to them, here.

The American Red Cross is also aiding in relief efforts, you can donate, here.

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