How often do we notice a strange noise emitting from our vehicles? Or something just feels off? Well, if you're like me you pray really hard, hope for the best, and turn up your radio. Responsible adults will often bring their car in to be looked at by professionals.

The crew at Darling's Honda Nissan Volvo in Bangor had a pleasant surprise after popping the hood of a customer's Nissan Rogue. BABY RED SQUIRRELS!!!!

The cute little buggers appear to have a nice toasty nest. Not a bad crib, at least, when the car ISN'T running.

I'm sure finding these babies was a welcomed change of pace for the typical work day. Despite this being an unusual situation, the employees at Darling's took immediate action and the babies ended up at R&R Wildlife Rehabilitation, Maine. The little ones appear to be doing well in their care.

If you would like to help these squirrels R&R Wildlife is collecting donations via Facebook.

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