Isn't this little guy or gal adorable? Look at those sweet, innocent eyes. But this isn't your ordinary stray kitty.

Courtney Mack of Derry, New Hampshire, shared this post to the u local New Hampshire Facebook group, telling the unusual story of what her husband Dustin encountered on his way home from a stroll.

In the post, she explained that as Dustin was walking, he came across this cutie:

Courtney Mack via Facebook
Courtney Mack via Facebook

Come on. How precious is that?

Dustin, who suspected the cat had a medical problem, tried to pick it up, but the little one made it known that he or she very much did not want to be held. Courtney soon arrived and tried to feed the animal, only to get the same response. It was then when she realized that this wasn't your typical stray cat, but a bobcat kitten, approximately six weeks old.

Realizing that the animal had a "massive tick and a puncture wound near that tick spot", Courtney and Dustin knew they had to help. The post explains that as the pair contacted the police department, the frightened kitten wandered around the stairs before "perching on the railing like a bird."

Courtney Mack via Facebook
Courtney Mack via Facebook
attachment-Bobcat caboose

Upon arriving, the police officer called dispatch, who then got in touch with a sanctuary. In the meantime, Courtney, Dustin, and the officer managed to catch the determined kitty, who was "VERY strong" despite his tiny size.

The folks from the sanctuary explained that it's very rare for them to get a call about a bobcat, and that "it had been years since the last one!"

Oh, and Courtney says that Dustin is "officially forgiven" for not picking up the kitten. That probably wouldn't have ended well.

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