Those who are familiar with Augusta know that Bangor Street is one of the major entry points into the city.

Those who work in Augusta but live in Vassalboro, Winslow, Benton, and Waterville will often take Route 201 to Riverside Drive and Bangor Street to get into town.

Additionally, the street is lined with popular businesses.  Dunkin' and McDonald's, for example.  As a result, Bangor Street is one of the busiest streets in Augusta for much of the day.

In addition to the vehicle traffic, many businesses along the street are frequented by those on foot or riding bicycles.

Not surprisingly, the amount of traffic on Bangor Street has led to dozens of crashes in the last few decades.  According to a KJ article, between 2003 and 2022, 17 of those crashes involved pedestrians.  One of those crashes was fatal, and three resulted in serious injuries.

If all goes as planned, several major changes to Bangor Street could make it safer for pedestrians, bicyclists, and vehicles.

According to the KJ, plans for the $6 million project were presented to the Augusta City Council.  There will be a public hearing on the project at the council chambers at Augusta City Center on Wednesday, May 15.

The project will focus on the section of the Bangor Street from Cony Circle to North Belfast Avenue.  It calls for converting the four-lane section of Bangor Street to two lanes.  Instead of two lanes going north and two lanes going south, there would be one lane going in each direction.  Additionally, there would be a shared turning lane in the center of the street.

The project would also remove the traffic lights at the intersection of Bangor and Quimby Streets.  However, in place of the regular stoplights, a pedestrian crossing light be installed at the intersection.

Google Maps
Google Maps

In theory, this would make it much easier for pedestrians to cross the street.

One other change would limit the ability for vehicles to make left turns when entering or leaving businesses located near Cony Circle.

Providing final approval is given, work on the project will start in 2026.

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