There is a Bangor kid who is living his best life.  His name is Nathan Sykes. He is 17.

At 13 “he started hiring and leading teams to create community servers for the game industry, making plug-ins and different games that he sold”.  That is according to a news story from Newscenter. Newscenter did not include a secret decoder so I don’t really know what that means, BUT he was earning money!

With that money he got into event management and transitioned it to marketing.  He is now 17 and his company name is Howdy Interactive.
The company is legit, they have done work for Five Guys, Amazon, Eventbrite, and NBC.

But being a teenage entrepreneur has its issues.  It is hard to get any loans, credit cards and other types of banking issues.

In the Newscenter story he also said he wants to retire by 25. And to he has written a book titled Retire Before College.

It sounds like it would be a cool TEDx Talk…and he will be doing just that next month.

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