A few days ago, a boy had his bike stolen from his yard.  We are hoping that you know something that will help him get this cherished possession back.

According to a post on the Bath Police Department Facebook page, the bike was stolen from a yard on Middle Street, near Wesley Street.  Based on the photo, it is a Huffy Rockit bicycle.

Take a look:

Please note that the name tag that appears on the front of the bike in this picture was ripped off when the bike was stolen.

If you have seen the bike or know anything about where it could be, please reach out to the Bath Police Department.  Either message them through their Facebook page or call them at 207.443.5563.

Some of the commenters on the Facebook post have expressed an interest in getting the boy a new bike.  However, the police say they hope that the bike will turn up before people go out to buy a new one.

They explain:

We are hoping the bike will be found before putting the owner in contact with anyone interested in helping him out with a new bike. Stolen bikes do usually turn up especially when people keep their eyes open for them.

It is really great to see people in the community step up to help those in need.  It really helps to offset the jerk move by the person who took the kid's bike.

Have you seen it?  Do you know anything that can help police?

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