It looks like Central Maine will finally get a taste of summer weather.

According to, much of Central Maine, including Augusta and Waterville, will see temperatures in the lower 80s by the middle of next week.

The upcoming weekend will be decent.  It appears that it will be partly sunny with highs in the upper 60s or lower 70s.  The most important part for people who are planning to do anything outside this weekend (like that yard work you've been putting off), is that it is going to be dry.  Yeah, no rain in the forecast.

What about the temperatures in the 80s?

As of May 16, it looks like Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are all likely to see temperatures in the high 70s or low 80s.

It is going to be partly sunny on Tuesday and Wednesday, but there is a chance we could see some morning showers on Thursday.

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Since it has not been consistently warm, you are probably not going to want to jump in the pool.  However, it is still going to be great weather to take the kids to the playground, go for a walk on the Kennebec River Rail Trail, or take the motorcycle out.

What about the rest of Maine?

It looks like the coast and the southern part of the state will see similar weather conditions, but it will be cooler.  Given that those areas are on the coast, that makes perfect sense.

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