After about a week since our last storm, mother nature seems poised to hit us again. Though we will see some pretty epic rainfall, the wind won't be quite as bad as last time but could still produce some scattered outages. The closer you live to the coast, the more impactful the wind will be. Weather officials also warn the potential for street drains to be clogged is much higher with the recent falling leaves.

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Taking a look at News Center Maine's weather graphics, it appears as though most of Central Maine is right on the border of the 25-35 mph wind predictions. Rain will be the big factor with this storm as the Augusta area is predicted to receive 1.7 inches. Remember the old adage, an inch of rain equates to a foot of snow!

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It looks like this whole system should be just about wrapped up by tomorrow afternoon around 2 pm for Central Mainers, though clouds will continue to hang in the sky until Wednesday evening.

Check out our buddy Keith's outlook!

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