New YouTube Feature Helps Prevent Copyright Issues
If you have a YouTube channel things have recently begun to get a little more interesting regarding copyright issues. Think, uploading a song lyric video.
According to the tech website Gizmo, YouTube is now going to check videos for copyright content BEFORE you upload that may effect the visibility o…
Insane Maine Video Shows Crazy, Howling Wind in Jackman
Think it's windy where you are in Maine today? I'm sure it is. Is it as windy where you are as it is at Sally Mountain Cabins in Jackman today? Probably not.
There have been plenty of photos and videos to go around of the subzero windstorm that's happening today in Maine, but…
Buzz and Kristi Taste Test The New Hot Tamales Peeps: VIDEO
Last year at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, many things in our everyday world either came to an end or changed in a way that we as humans weren't expecting. Many different brands stopped carrying certain products or just downsized what they were producing, and it left many customers…

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