This year over 13,000 people have been killed drunk driving, that is not a statistic, that is not an over exaggeration, it's a fact. That is 13,000 people that were killed in a very preventable manner. This weekend (Memorial Day) is one of the most well known times to go out and enjoy yourself. I'm not saying stay inside and avoid everyone, I'm saying be smart about it. If you go out and have beer, drink wine, have some shots, whatever it is, do not drive. There are so many companies out there that are willing to come pick you up and take you home. It is never worth it. do not worry about how your car will get to your house because "you have work in the morning" nothing is worth it.

According to the Bureau of Highway Safety, if you are caught operating a vehicle with a blood alcohol level over .08% there is no way out of it. You are caught, and your license will be suspended before your day in court. Immediately you are legally unable to drive a vehicle. Good luck getting to work then.

If you think that is your only risk to drinking and driving, read here. It has all the punishments that can and will happen to you if you are caught. You will also have to live with the guilt of doing something so completely stupid that you unnecessarily risked your life and the innocent lives of those around you.

So for the love of God DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE

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