We did a dollar store discovery back to school shopping and Sarah Dyer found pre-packaged nachos and cheese and nachos and salsa made by the Arizona Iced Tea Company. We had to try them!


First we tried the Nachos and Cheese. The cheese looked somewhat pudding like and is fairly mild, Sarah didn't like it and thought it had a bad aftertaste. I thought for a dollar they were alright. I give them a thumbs up, Sarah gives them a thumbs down

Secondly, we tried the Nachos and Salsa. Sarah again wasn't to fond of them, in fact she didn't want to try them. She used the words dog food to describe it. She called in Renee and she dived in and thought they were alright. Sarah and I then tried it and Sarah liked them slightly more than the cheese nachos. I thought they were alright but preferred the nacho ones. Thumbs up from me.

Here's the taste test video!

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