We've been aware of the upcoming changes to downtown Augusta for a while now. The changes seem fitting with the ever-evolving storefronts and the undertaking of restoring the Augusta Colonial Theater.

Water Street has been a one-way road only for many years. That will be changing starting Monday, August 19th. This brings big changes to the intersection of Water Street and Winthrop Street. Traffic will now be able to go west up Winthrop Street as well as east to Water Stree. If you're coming up Front Street you'll be able to go north as well as south.

The other intersection with big changes is where Water Street meets the Calumet Bridge and Bridge Street. From Calumet Bridge you'll now be able to turn left, heading southbound.

Google Street View
Google Street View

There is also a huge change to this intersection for pedestrians. In addition to the four crosswalks already present, two diagonal crosswalks will be added.

Check out Augusta Police Department Staff Sergeant Christian Behr go into further detail about the upcoming changes below:

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