While going through my Instagram feed the other day I noticed a funny video posted by Barstoolsports. At the beginning of the video I noticed a sign on the side of the highway that looked like it could be a sign on the Maine turnpike. It's a big green sign with bright white lettering on it.

To me it looked too familiar so I had to investigate further.

When I was able to pause the video at the right point I found out my hunch was right. It is a Maine turnpike sign, in fact, it's the sign for the Wells/Sanford exit.

Instagram via barstoolsports

Now that we've got that squared away, let's talk about the rest of the quick video.

After I watched the video a few times I came to the conclusion that the bear can't be alive, I mean, that's a stuffed bear for sure.

The way the fur blows around in the wind makes it look real, but the bear doesn't move at all.

Now, I know this is a very short video, but, I mean, it's a black bear riding in the back of a pickup truck on the Maine turnpike!

I looked for a longer version of the video on YouTube but no luck. Yet.


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