According to an article on the KJ website, the Maine State House was evacuated on Wednesday afternoon after a bomb threat was received.

The article explains that the bomb threat, which was emailed to an undisclosed person, came in some time before 2:30 PM.

The order for lawmakers and staffers to evacuate the building came at about 2:30 PM.  People were ushered to the Burton M. Cross Building via the tunnel connecting the state house to the office building.

A press release from the Maine Department of Public Safety says, in part:

Capitol Police temporarily shut down and evacuated the building. There were approximately 300 people in the building at the time. No one was injured. Two K9 teams from the Maine State Police Bomb Unit responded to clear the building. There were no explosives found and the threat was deemed to be a hoax.

The Maine State House was not the only government building targeted by bomb threats.  The article explains that, according to CNN, government buildings in about two dozen states received similar threats.  The target states include Connecticut, Georgia, Kentucky, Michigan, Mississippi, and Montana.

The article explains that, according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, no explosives were found.  Representatives for the FBI say the threats were just hoaxes.

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