So, you want to be one of the few and proud, you want to serve your country and be a member of one of the elite fighting forces on the planet? Thank you, I commend you, I think that is a very commendable. Before you prepare to join, you should know a thing or 2 about Parris Island, which is where you will be going. This is not to deter you from going, this is to prepare you from what WILL be the hardest time of your life.

This is day 1. This is the start of day 1. They call this black Friday, notorious for being one of the hardest moments of the entire time. You will be given a haircut, they will give you your clothes, you will get 1 ten second call home letting them know you made it safe, then you will not speak to your family again for at least 13 weeks.

Boot Camp is broken down into 4 phases. The first phase is meant to break you down and turn you into the well behaved young men and women that deserve the title of United States Marine. You will wake up at 5 am, you will listen to your drill instructor, you will not disobey for if you do, they will punish every single one of the men in your platoon because when one gets punished, you all get punished. They will take you to "the beach" a sand pit where they will work you harder and harder til you feel like your legs and arms can't move, and then they will work you more.


These are the requirements to just being accepted into the Marine boot camp.

Come back tomorrow for what occurs during phase 2 of boot camp.


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