Last fall, meteorologists warned us that the return of El Niño was likely to bring some wild weather to New England this winter.

Most of them predicted that we were either going to have a very snowy winter, or that we were going to have a very wet winter.  So far, it looks like we are getting the wet winter.

Except for a decent-sized snowstorm on January 7, we have had nothing but rainy & windy winter storms.  We suffered through the 'Grinch' storm the Monday before Christmas.  Then, as many people were finally finishing the cleanup from that storm, we got hit with another rainy winter storm on January 9.

Now, it is looking like we are going to get hit with another wet storm this weekend.

According to, this one will be bring our region Nor'easter-like conditions, including snow, rain, and high winds.

In Central Maine, because the temperatures will reach the mid-40s, we’ll be getting a mix of rain and snow.  On top of that, we will probably get some high winds.  As of January 10, they are saying that we could see 35 MPH winds.  At this point, they are not calling for any gusts.

The western mountains of Maine will likely see mostly snow.  However, it may be too warm for the snow to stick around.  As of January 10, they are calling for temperatures in the upper-30s.

The White Mountains of New Hampshire will see a mix of rain and snow on Saturday morning.  That will switch over to rain by late morning.  Temperatures will be in the lower-40s.

Boston will see similar conditions – a mix of rain and snow with high winds.

Car on the street covered by icy rain

At this point, they are not making predictions about snowfall totals.  That could also be because most areas will likely get more rain than snow.

Because the temperatures in most places are expected to drop to the 20s on Saturday evening, there is a chance that we could end up with lots of ice from this storm.  Something to keep in mind.

At this point, it does not look like this storm will be as bad as the “Grinch” storm we got back in December.  That being said, it is still not going to be great news for New England’s snow-based industries.

As it is still a few days out, the forecast could change.  If it does, we'll bring you updates.

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