There are hundreds, if not thousands, of amazing homes in Central Maine.  They come in all sizes, styles, and ages.  However, there is no denying that some of the best homes are the more mature ones.

For example, this classic colonial in Manchester, Maine.  The home, which covers about 6,000 square feet could easily be described as a mini-mansion.

The home has several living rooms, including a formal "parlor" with fireplace.  There is a well equipped kitchen, a formal dining room, an office space, and more.

Jessica Fike @ Brookewood Realty
Jessica Fike @ Brookewood Realty

Right now, the listing seems to indicate that part of the house is set aside as an apartment with its own kitchen and dining area.  While the home says it has eight bedrooms, some of those are (of course) in the apartment.  If your immediate family is large, and you want a separate place for the in-laws to live, this would be perfect.

However, it would be just as easy to use the apartment as an airBnB.  Or, with some basic renovations, you could turn the home into a full-on B&B or inn.  Of course, you'd want to make sure the property can be zoned for this.  There are plenty of possibilities.

Outside, the home has a great brick patio with fire pit.  The property also has over four acres of land, some of which abuts the town tennis courts.  And, there is a large parking area.

Additionally, there is a Generac standby generator.  Perfect for those Maine winters!

B&B Possibilities - 60 Readfield Road, Manchester, Maine

According to the listing, the home encompasses 6,000 square feet and has between 5 and 8 bedrooms, depending on how it is set up. As of January 2023, the price was listed at $725,000.

Another major selling point of the home is its location.  Located in Manchester, Maine, it is very close to Augusta, Waterville, and it is about an hour from Portland.

As of January 2023, the list price was $725,000.  Assuming you put down the required $174,000, your monthly payment would be just under $4,800.  That includes principal, interest, insurance, taxes, etc.

Get more details from the Realtor listing

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