This literally puts a bad taste in my mouth. 22 year old  Freddie Bentley says teenagers should not learn too much about WWII because "it's so intense."

Bentley questioned the utility of teaching about the 70 million people who died in the war.

There is growing concern around the world that younger generations are actually forgetting about the Holocaust, unaware of just how many Jews were killed during that time just because of who they are. He said he wishes schools focused more on current events, and while I agree with some points he makes, I say we should never forget about WWII and if kids feel uncomfortable about that information, I say good. They should feel uncomfortable about that situation.

My final point: Why is a social media influencer talking about WWII talking about this subject anyways. Just go take your pictures and use too much hair products.

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FactsAreFacts!!!! My full GMB debate for those who have been jumping to the wrong conclusions!! Watch it in full before hiding behind your keyboard with abuse!!!! My point as per the interview is all about the right balance. I clearly state that I am not being disrespectful nor asking to stop teaching WW2 completely! My point is, it needs to be taught in moderation to promote mental health and focus on teaching young people real life skills and to prepare for current issues that are relevant to us such as how to get a mortgage, what are the real impact of Brexit and climate change for future generation! #GMB #mentalhealth #reallifeskills #standingupforbeterfuture Ps: vulgar abusive emails have been reported!!

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