Bullying has been in the news a lot recently. It mostly seems to focus on kids. And, well it should, growing up can be hard enough. Add in bullying into the mix and it is so much harder. Until recently, I thought it was not an adult problem, except maybe as a parent as a child faced these issues. BUT, I am wrong. It can happen in the lives of adults. Let me tell you, it is super annoying and disheartening.

What a lovely little bubble I lived in, not realizing how much of an issue adults bullying each other can be in a person’s life. I am not talking about what I would call more of domestic issues between family members. I mean in workplaces, in the community and higher education.

Well, one good thing, adult bullying is mostly verbal as opposed to physical. But gees, words can REALLY hurt. And from what I read, there is little one can do above and beyond doing your best to ignore the bully, report the behavior to the proper authorities, and document the instances of bullying so that you can take legal action, if necessary. Other than that, you have to be the better person. You have to rise above the situation.  It is not fair, but you need to manage this in your own mind and soul.

I am facing two of these issues in my personal life at the moment. It has taken these two areas of my life that I have really enjoyed and should be very happy and proud. Now, not so much. One situation I had to totally walk away from, and it is heartbreaking. To me, the bullies have won and I will miss out on something that had brought me SO much joy.

If you are facing something in our own life, you are not alone. All I can offer you is the simple fact someone else does know how you feel.