After reading this, I couldn't help but cry. It's so honest, sweet and, most of all, heartbreaking!

Bullying is everywhere. Just a few weeks ago, Brent Crisci from United Martial Arts, was in our studio talking about how he and others are trying to stop bullying in schools. He told the story of an 8-year old who committed suicide after no longer being able to the pressure of going to school where the bully would wait to torture the little boy.

This letter got me.

The little boy, Ryan Suffern, has a twin sister, Amber, that suffers from ADD and emotional eating. He doesn't like his sister being teased and bullied each day at school. She wants to stay home everyday because it's so bad.

So, in a class assignment to write a letter to Santa, Ryan did something so sweet, so selfless, it made me cry. Parents, teach your kids to respect themselves and others. Let's stop bullying!!

Photo by Karen Suffern