Alright, so we admit that the headline for this article was a little bit dramatic.  There's nothing wrong with going grocery shopping on whatever day you want.  Honestly, my favorite time to go grocery shopping is on a Monday morning at about 8 o'clock.  At that time, it's just me and the elderly.

Regardless, as we get closer to the Holidays, there are some days you are not going to want to visit the grocery store.  Unless you are a big fan of dealing with crowds, that is.

This is way more true for Thanksgiving than it is for Christmas.  Everyone kind of celebrates Christmas in their own way - a big meal on Christmas Eve, a big meal on Christmas Day, a visit to your favorite Chinese restaurant, or with a Swanson Hungry Man TV dinner.  However, for Thanksgiving, we all tend to eat a big meal on Thanksgiving Day.

If you are the cook in your family, you probably just got visions of trying to work your way through a slammed Hannaford or Shaw's, right?  Sllloooowwwwlllyyy working your way through the crowds, hoping that the store still has at least a few turkeys, a couple of boxes of stuffing, and a can or two of cranberry sauce.

And, you probably envision this happening on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, right?  Well, as it turns out, the experts say the worst day for grocery shopping is NOT the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.

According to an article on Yahoo!, chef and author Michael Ruhlman says that the Tuesday before Thanksgiving is actually the worst day to shop for the holiday.

Why?  Why is it the worst day for grocery shopping?  People's assumptions about everyone else!

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Everyone assumes that people mob the grocery stores on the day before Thanksgiving.  Because of this, most people choose to Thanksgiving Day shop on Tuesday.  But, because everyone had the same thought, it makes Tuesday the busiest day at the store.

So, Tuesday is the WORST day to go shopping for your turkey, stuffing, yams, etc.

Ruhlman has even written a book dedicated to our love of grocery stores and our shopping habits.  It's called Grocery: The Buying And Selling Of Food In America and you can get it from Amazon.

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