If you can't have fun on the job, are you really living your best life?

It seems like Buzz and I are up to no matter what it is up to; we are constantly finding new ways to have fun and keep the laughter going.  So, when our very own Cooper Fox came to us with this challenge, we didn't even hesitate.

Now I'm sure you're wondering, "what is the Capri Sun Challenge is"?

Apparently, a kid in England got a little too bored during quarantine and decided that he wanted to break a Guinness Book of World Records record. Drinking a Capri Sun in no time flat just happened to be the record he decided to break. Now, it's not just drinking it in 16.5 seconds. Your time starts when you're removing the straw, and then you still need to drink it in under the specified time...

Check out the video and see how we did! Oh, and notice our special guest Augusta Police Office Brad Chase, as he joined in on the fun as well!



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