American Idol got the star treatment from one of its most successful winners ever, Carrie Underwood, on Sunday (May 13). Each of the remaining Top 5 contestants performed one of her songs, with country hopeful Caleb Lee Hutchinson performing "So Small."

"Singing one of Carrie's songs for Carrie really freaked me out," the teenager admitted.

However, Underwood put these fears into her own perspective. "He’s very aware of what’s happening around him," she sagely noted. "That can overwhelm him."

Underwood urged Hutchinson to let go and let things take their course. "Mistakes show who you are," she said. "The thing to remember is it’s just about you and the song."

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Before taking the stage to perform "So Small," Hutchinson told Underwood how big of a fan his mom is of the singer; she replied that she'd just have to meet Mom sometime, then. "You have to," Hutchinson raved. "I’ll never have to get her another Christmas gift again."

Thus pumped up and undoubtedly feeling pretty big, Hutchinson poured out a honeyed and confident-sounding "So Small" from Underwood's 2007 sophomore album. While his delivery was silky smooth and unfaltering, the judges did have a few points to call up for Hutchinson to consider.

While Lionel Richie noted: "You are about as real as it comes. You are a stylist unto yourself," Katy Perry took him to task for a bit of dullness. "Some people on this show are physically outperforming you," she advised. "You have to flap your wings a little bit harder, baby."

Luke Bryan agreed with both fellow judges, joking, "You guys are stealing what I have to say," but added for Caleb, "Your voice is gonna be your own voice. You aren’t going to sound like anybody else. Ride that. Embrace it."

Hutchinson wasn't off the hook after performing the Underwood single. He then sang another song, "Stars in Alabama" by Jamey Johnson, which seemed to be less intimidating than the Underwood song for him. His assured overall package easily had him make the cut to the final three, which were announced at the end of the evening.

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