Boy, do we have a mega amount of talent here in Maine, and every year, it comes together at one spectacular event.

If you have the pipes, you should step into the spotlight, because auditions for Central Maine Idol Season 4 have officially begun at The Quarry Tap Room in Hallowell. The show will be searching state wide for the best vocalist in Maine! This renowned competition has already launched stars like Julia Gagnon, who soared to the Top 7 on American Idol!

Each year, the competition grows more fierce, promising an even more thrilling showdown of vocalists and stage presence. This year is no exception! The anticipation is exciting, as singers of all styles prepare to showcase their talents and compete.

The next auditions that will be held are on May 18 at Henry's Public House in Portland. Judges are Nikki Hunt, Daniel Taylor, Teresa Beaudoin, and Laura Hudson.

This is exciting, because according to CM idol, Quirk Ford has donated the $10,000 cash prize for the winner! Fittingly, the third audition will be held May 25 at the Quirk Ford Augusta from 12-5pm.

Last year was thrilling for me, because I had the honor of being the pre-host of the competition!

Last year's season finale was epic, with performances from our top 3 competitors: Julia Gagnon, Ashley Maron, and Sierra Harris. Julia took home the win, and all singers leveled up the competition. This year is set to be even bigger and better.

The competition starts on June 3, 2024, at The Quarry Tap Room!

If you are interested in auditioning, check out the check list posted by CM Idol below!

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