The Internet sensation turned top radio hit, "Old Town Road" is everywhere. From the viral video of Lil Nas X doing a singalong at an elementary school to being featured in the trailer for the new Rambo film, you really can't avoid it.

Where does Mr. Nas X go from here? Well personally, I think Jonesport, Maine might be a good place to start.

For a cool $429,000 Lil Nas X can even invite Billy Ray over to enjoy this gorgeous Downeast Maine oceanfront property. It features two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a large deck with a priceless view.

44 Old Town Rd, Jonesport, ME

I feel a remix coming on after a long night out, "Yeah, I'm gonna go to my home on the Old Town Road
I'm gonna sleep 'til I can't no more..."

If you do come up this way, Lil Nas X, lobster is on us! You can eat 'til you can't no more.

(Ok, I'll stop now.)

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