If you live in Waterville, please keep an eye out for this missing family cat.

His name is Mr. Big.  He is a four-year-old fixed male from the Summer Street area of Waterville.  He is microchipped.

The really sad part is that he went missing on the birthday of one of his owners.  The family is heartbroken.  They want their kitty back.

If you have seen him, you can let the Humane Society of Waterville Area know.  If you have him, you can bring him to the humane society.  They'll be able to scan the chip and reach out to the owner.

You can reach the humane society at 207.873.2430.

Hopefully, you know something about where Mr. Big is.

If you have been thinking about adding a furry member to your family, there are some amazing cats and dogs available at our local animal shelters.  Marley is a two-year-old kitty currently living at the Humane Society of the Waterville Area.  Bud is a little black one-year-old cat living at the Humane Society of the Waterville Area.

Looking for a dog?  Lola is an almost three-year-old terrier.  You can meet her here.

If you live closer to Augusta, it may be easier to adopt a dog or cat from the Kennebec Valley Humane Society.  They have a variety of puppies and kitties who are looking for their forever homes.  Check out the animals available for adoption HERE.

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