Send Your Ex For A Night In A Dumpster
Now not relationships are meant to be. Sometimes it's even hard to deal with the baggage of past relationships.....especially if you can't stand your ex. Sometimes they linger in your mind for years. Now here come the big V-day, and if you are jaded, even a wee bit, Hotels...
Tool Time With Buzz Bradley
This must be a new learning period for me. Over the past week I have learned things that have effected me profoundly. Just a few days ago I found out that Volkswagen, yes, the car company, is also a sausage company. That has been going on since 1973, how that passed me by all these years is beyond m…
My Brand New Screen Tent Now Has A Doggy Door
Ever buy something new, and within the first fifteen minutes of use, it's broken?
Yeah? Same!
Over the weekend, we had a little family camping adventure in our backyard as we wrapped up Summer break. Family, friends, food, and the great outdoors, aka our backyard...

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