With all that's going on in 2020, don't you feel that you deserve a break from cooking?  Or, maybe you've decided to play it safe and only do Thanksgiving Dinner with your immediate family.  If so, what's the point of cooking a turkey and all the sides?  Just go the easy route and go out.  Or, get take-out.

Sadly, because of the way things have gone in 2020, there are fewer Maine restaurants serving Thanksgiving dinner. In part, this is because some restaurants have closed permanently.  Others are choosing to be more cautious than they have in years past.  Those issues aside, there are still some Thanksgiving dinning options.

The following restaurants are open and serving on Thanksgiving.  you will want to check to see if they require reservations and also ask if they have take-out options.

Lisa's Restaurant & Lounge - This heritage Augusta restaurant is open 365 days a year.  366 days on Leap Year.  Give them a call at 207.621.0599 for more details and find them on Bangor Street in Augusta.

Aunt Gin's - As they always do, they have a traditional Thanksgiving meal planned.  They are asking people make reservations.  You can call them at 207.549.4600 and find them on Rt 17 in Whitefield.

The Harraseeket Inn - This amazing Freeport restaurant will be serving an old-style, New England, Thanksgiving fest.  Butter nut apple bisque, roast turkey, prime rib, and all the sides.  They are asking people to make reservations.  Just give them a call.  207.865.9377

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