The Greater Central Maine community is mourning the loss of a student who attended South China's Erskine Academy.

According to a report on WMTW's website, 17 year old Remy Pettengill passed away from his injuries on Saturday.  He was critically injured in a Friday, December 30th crash in Richmond.

Representatives for the Maine State Police say a car driven by Steven Trask, 39, of Topsham sideswiped the trailer of a commercial vehicle before crashing off the road.

Some good will come from this tremendous tragedy.  Because Pettengill was an organ donor, four lives will be saved because of him.

The WMTW report indicates that his family had been keeping the community updated on his condition through a website called Caring Bridge.

In a Friday post on the website, his family broke the heartbreaking news:

We have learned that the damage to his brain is extensive, unrecoverable and unrepairable. With this new information we activated his last wish which is to be an organ donor. We have already met with the donation team and put a plan in place. It will be a day or 2 until all the events of his life are completed. We will post on here when he has fulfilled his final wish and saved the lives of others.

A memorial service for Remy Pettengill is scheduled to happen at Erskine Academy on Saturday, January 14th.

On a personal note...  As a parent I hope that I never have to experience the pain that this family is going through right now.  I only hope that they are somewhat comforted by the knowledge that his organ donation will go on to help so many people.  My thoughts and prayers are with the family in this difficult time.

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