One of the best parts about living in the Pine Tree State is that you often get to wake up to the sights and sounds of cute wildlife wandering through your yard. Have you ever gotten up at the crack-ass of dawn and seen a doe and her fawn perusing under the bird feeder? Or a flock of turkeys with their spring young pecking away at the ground in your back yard? How about stepping onto your deck with your morning cup of coffee to 91 sheep eating your shrubs. Yup, that really happened- like yesterday.

According to WGME 13, a Gardiner woman woke up on Thursday to a herd of 91 sheep in her yard. Were they wild sheep from deep within the forests of Maine? No, no they weren't. They were sheep that had busted loose from Oakland farms just down the road.

Kristian Holbrook, owner of the farm, told the news station that all 91 sheep escaping could be attributed to just one baaaaaaaad sheep. See what I did there? A sheep named Moe apparently taught all 90 of the others that they too could escape simply by 'crawling' underneath the electric fence meant to contain them.

Scott MacMaster, Gardiner PD
Scott MacMaster, Gardiner PD

At about 6am on Thursday morning, Ashley LaVoie, neighbor of the farm, woke up to all the sheep out on her lawn and in her driveway. LaVoie told WGME in part,

"They were all over here. The blacks, the whites, the browns. They were all just right here. They were happy as can be. They were eating the grass and the trees. Drinking some water out of that barrel. You know, just exploring, enjoying their freedom. So yes, Moe was the ringleader. And they were all seeming to go where he kind of wanted to go."

WGME reports that the Gardiner Police Department was notified of the wayward flock and that responding officers were safely able to herd the sheep back into the confines of their pasture at the farm.

It's being reported this morning that Moe, the suspected sheep ringleader, has been separated from the herd and placed in solitary confinement as a temporary precaution to anymore unplanned escapes.

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