If you are a parent on a budget, you know that taking the family to the movies is not cheap.  Once you get done paying for tickets, and snacks, a family of four could easily end up paying nearly $100.  Throw in the cost of dinner out before the movie and it ends up being closer to $150!

It should be pretty obvious that these crazy prices are not doing anything positive for the movie theater industry.  The good news is that one Maine theater is doing something about it!

According to an article in the Boothbay Register, the Harbor Theater, in Boothbay, has started doing family nights.

For a flat fee of $20, up to five family members can enjoy a first-run (new) movie.  The theater will even throw in a large popcorn.  They’ll kick off their family movie nights with a showing of Wonka on December 29th.

Check out their calendar for a list of upcoming family movie nights.

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Honestly, with a price like that, you don't even need five family members to make it worthwhile.  That's cheaper than the cost of tickets and popcorn for just two people!

Considering most of us have decent-sized TVs these days, watching a movie at home is fun.  But, let’s be honest, there really is nothing cooler than seeing a movie on the big screen with a big, booming sound system.   It really is an experience.

What is your favorite affordable thing to do with your family?  Let us know by sending us a message inside our branded app.

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