If you are a regular player of the Powerball nationwide lottery game, you are going to want to check your tickets.  A winning ticket was sold in Maine for last night's drawing.

No, it was not THE winning ticket, but it was a ticket worth a lot of money.  $2 million!

According to the Powerball website, the numbers for last night's drawing were 47-54-57-60-65 with a Powerball of 19

At this point, it has not been announced where the winning ticket was sold.  All we know is that the ticket was sold somewhere in the State of Maine.

We can expect updates on where the ticket was sold through the Maine Lottery's Facebook page.

What about the jackpot?  Where was that sold?  Well, there were no jackpot winning tickets sold for last night's drawing.  In fact, there has not been a jackpot winner sold for the last 34 drawings!

That means, on Monday, the jackpot will be worth about $1.55 BILLION.  Well, for now.  If enough people buy tickets, we could see that amount increase even further.

Lately, Maine has been on a bit of a winning streak when it comes to big lotteries.  While we still have yet to get a Powerball winning, the winning ticket for one of the largest Mega Millions drawings ever was sold in Maine.  The jackpot, valued at about $1.35 BILLION was given away in January of 2023.

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