Chris Young's sturdy country timbre is paired with a big city sound on "Losing Sleep." It's a sexy love song that sonically edgy and lyrically pointed.

He's played with drum machines on previous albums, but nothing has produced a sound as pronounced as the verses of "Losing Sleep." Throughout each chorus, Young dives into a more progressive mainstream sound, but when he's pouring his heart out he's doing it over boom and click.

Young, Chris DeStefano and Josh Hoge wrote "Losing Sleep" and on paper they've captured the patience needed to make what they're requesting feel sincere. This is a sexy song, perhaps Young's sexiest since "Gettin' You Home." He's specific, but not dirty — sensual, but not singularly focused. A little more room at the front and end of the song would allow the arrangement to match the mood. The dramatic cold ending jars you out of a thought you enjoyed rolling around in.

Did You Know?: Young's upcoming album will be his sixth on RCA Nashville since signing in 2006.

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Chris Young's "Losing Sleep" Lyrics:

Light a candle / Turn all the lights down low / Baby, let’s just lose control, lose control / I can handle every single curve, you know / That I love you, let me show you, oh oh oh.

Fall into me / Let me breathe the air you breathe / I can take you anywhere you wanna be / When it comes to us / Every single touch is something special / When we’re wrapped up in those sheets / Yeah, we’re winning when we’re losing / When we’re losing sleep.

Real life / When it’s this good, don’t you know / We don’t need to dream at all /Baby, so.

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