If you are looking for an affordable way to have some fun with the family, we suggest hopping in the car to check out the Christmas lights displays in your corner of Maine.

In addition to the professional displays, there are so many amateur ones to check out.  Many of the amateur displays are truly epic, too.  These days, it seems like everyone is a wannabe Clark W. Griswold.

Thanks to an email from a listener, we have another lights display to tell you about.  If you are one of the thousands of people in Central Maine who have been missing Dr. Z's famed Christmas lights display, this is just what you need.

Jason Mills was nice enough to reach out to tell us all about the lights display his family puts on.  It is called Monmouth Lights, and it runs nightly through the end of the year.

Courtesy of Monmouth Lights
Courtesy of Monmouth Lights

Much like the display at Augusta Orthodontics, this one is set to music.  When you roll up to the house at 74 Warren Road in Monmouth, you want to set your car radio to 91.7 FM so you can hear the soundtrack.

In his email to us, Jason explained:

Also, we have a light show called Monmouth Lights located at 74 Warren Road, Monmouth, Maine. We run a daily musical light show from 4:30 - 9:00 PM that runs through New Year's with new songs every week. On certain nights of the week viewers can even control our show by voting on the song they want to see next.

He said that they also do a mailbox where kids can drop off their letters to Santa Claus.

You can get more details about the light show from their Facebook page.

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