Darryl Brown of Cianbro Construction Company was speaking recently at the Franklin County Chamber Of Commerce business breakfast at the University Of Maine at Farmington. According to the Lewiston Sun-Journal, Brown told the audience that the Maine east-west highway has 'been talked about since 1937, but it's going to happen.'Brown, a Livermore Falls resident, added 'it may take another 10 years, but a 220-mile highway from Coburn Gore to Calais is going to be built.'

Brown, was formerly of Main-Land Development Consultants, recently joined Cianbro as manager of the $2.1 billion project.

Brown says that getting private funders for the Maine east-west highway is under way and that route designs are expected to be done by the end of this year. Planners anticipate three years to gather permits and handle any lawsuits, and another three years for construction, with completion in nine to ten years.

Brown added that construction would be done by Maine people and companies.

More information on the east-west highway can be found at eastwestme.com

What do you think of an east-west highway?

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