Clint Eastwood has apparently set his sights on his next directorial effort: 'American Sniper,' based on the novel by the deadliest sniper in American history, Chris Kyle.

The adaptation of Kyle's book picked up serious steam back in May when it was announced that Steven Spielberg would be directing the biopic with Bradley Cooper tackling the lead role. However, a few weeks ago Spielberg dropped the project, with budget constraints apparently being the primary reason. Cooper remained on board (he's a producer as well as star), but the film's future seemed uncertain.

Now Twitch reports that Eastwood, 83, is going to take charge of telling Kyle's remarkable story. The choice makes quite a bit of sense: 'American Sniper' calls Warner Bros. home, and the WB has released most of Clint's pictures. The pairing are collaborating as we speak on the film version of 'Jersey Boys.'

Warner Bros. has yet to speak out on the matter, but we can expect an official statement very soon.

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