Thousands of CMP customers are left scratching their heads after getting a bill that is off by a large margin. It has been reported by that upwards of 700 faulty bills are being reported A DAY.  They have a backlog of roughly 6,000 faulty bills that require adjustments. Because of this they have brought a lot of attention and some very bad attention to themselves. They even got the attention of regulators who threatened fines and other sanctions in the past weeks.

This comes just days after the slip up of them informing 62,000 customers they would be receiving refunds when the number was actually 122. The reports say the reason for so many discrepancies is the fact that they are changing systems, which has been in the works since 2017.

One particular woman reports that last month her bill from them was $130, which is actually higher than it normally was, but she thought it was due to the cold. Then her February bill came out to be over $2,000.

One thing is for certain, CMP needs to figure out a solution to this billing problem, and soon.

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