Living in this state, we are no strangers to the erratic and severe weather conditions that Mama Nature throws our way.

Often times when fierce hurricanes or storms disrupt our lives, these are the women and men who are the ones that swoop in without hesitation to ensure we aren't left in the dark, literally.

Who am I talking about?

On the front lines, is our CMP LINEWORKERSThey fearlessly help in dangerous conditions so that we can rest easy.

But here's where it gets dangerous. Based on a national survey, statistics show that 42 out of every 100,000 linemen die on the job each year. This makes the lineworker position the most dangerous and hazardous, behind loggers and agriculture laborers.

What do CMP Lineworkers do?

The most simple answer is that lineworkers make sure our electricity works.

According to Indeed, they install, fix, and take care of the wires that put power into our homes. They do upgrades, checks, and repairs to keep everything running well. And when there's a problem like lightning, hurricanes, storms, or other weather issues, they're the ones who come to the rescue!

These heroes have big trucks, not capes and I want to say thank you.

Dear Central Maine Power Lineworkers, 

         Thank you for braving the elements to keep our lights on. You work around the clock, to restore power to our homes. Your determination to your profession is nothing short of remarkable. I have had the privilege of meeting a couple Lineworkers and they have this endless drive that gives you security, protection, and comfort. They love knowing we're all safe and because of them, we get to continue on with the normalcy of our days. Your work touches every aspect of our lives and it doesn't go unnoticed. 

You embody the spirit of Maine and I thank you.


Lizzy Snyder

So if you notice a CMP truck, give them a shout, show them the love, and know that they are silent heroes to us all.

According to WMTW, Hurricane Lee is set to affect Maine looks like we'll have coastal impacts and when it's set to arrive and as of right now, it's looking to be a category one. CMP is already gearing up to take on this hurricane and we appreciate you.

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