With all the security breaches at the White House lately there have been plans to beef-up security. In November 2014 a man jump the White House fence a suggestions where brought forth to more secure the grounds.

Recently a 4-year old crawled under the fence and a disgruntled postal worker landed a gyrocopter on the lawn. As a result, the Secret Service is going to add sharp steel spikes to the top of the fence to fend off jumpers. They are looking into permanent fence improvements as well, like making the fence higher.

Some other suggestion included a solid wall, an electrified fence, a chain link fence and a 'moat'. Yes a 'moat', a body of water surrounding the White House. The idea of a moat was shot down though for two reasons:

1. Maintenance of the moat would be too much trouble.

2. They are worried about the challenges of retrieving an intruder from a moat.