The year is nearly half over, but there's plenty of time for new country artists to prove they've got star power. We're looking at some breakthrough acts who are poised to break in 2018 — so, who's RISING in June 2018?

Jimmie Allen is an obvious choice for this list of country artists to watch, as he's lined up to become a mainstay with a promising debut single, "Best Shot." Hawaiian singer JoLivi is a name you probably haven't heard yet, but she offers an impressive catalog of songs that set her apart from the status quo. Tenille Townes — she has some of the most gut-wrenching lyrics of all of country's young artists — is likely to see her breakthrough in 2018, while multi-faceted acts like the Wild Feathers and 17 Memphis deliver two different, unique sounds that fall on eager ears.

Here are five up-and-coming artists you won't want to miss out on in 2018.

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    Jimmie Allen

    Allen put himself on the map with his self-titled debut EP and breakthrough single "Best Shot," which shares his journey of becoming a better version of himself. His story is important and triumphant — he was once homeless while fighting to become a career country singer! Now a Broken Bow Records baby act, he’s climbing his way up the country ladder and assembling a faithful team of people who believe in him. Look for him to be one of the genre’s brightest stars in 2018.

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    Tenille Townes

    Hit play on any one of Tenille Townes' songs and you'll be hooked. The Columbia-signed newcomer is authentic, and it shows in her music, whether she’s confronting a higher power on the emotional "Jersey on the Wall (I'm Just Asking)," exploring true love with "Where You Are" or delivering the impactful reminder that we all have a story to tell on "Somebody’s Daughter." It’s no wonder that Miranda Lambert and Little Big Town tapped her to open for them on the Bandwagon Tour, as Townes’ vulnerable sensitivity make her one of the genre’s most compelling young artists.

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    The Wild Feathers

    Wake up and sip this strong blend of country and Americana. The Wild Feathers offer something refreshing against what can sometimes be a stale mainstream landscape. With comforting harmonies reminiscent of Little Big Town, the group of Ricky Young, Joel King and Taylor Burns combine smooth voices and melodic sound to establish a steadfast presence, with songs like their current single "Big Sky," 'The Ceiling," "Quittin’ Time" and more. Their sound feels wide open and welcoming to all kinds of listeners, and their upcoming album, Greetings From the Neon Frontier, will be their breakthrough project. They’ve consistently picked up steam within the industry, now it's country fans' turn for a treat.

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    17 Memphis

    Expert pop producer Felix Snow and TYSM starlet Chelsea Todd have combined forces to channel their eclectic pop sound into mainstream country as new duo 17 Memphis. Formed during a stop in Memphis in the midst of a cross country road trip in 2016, 17 Memphis deliver the pop-country appeal that has taken over modern country radio. Todd’s delicate vocals and Snow’s sharp production talents help round out their sparkling sound. Fans of Florida Georgia Line will embrace this twosome and earworm tracks like "Mini Bar." Also check out "Leather & Levis," "Honey Jack," "Three Coors and the Truth" and more.

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    JoLivi is just endearing.The Hawaiin-born singer bleeds self-confidence on the spirited "Crooked Crown," and it carries over into her fiery new single, "Vinyl." JoLivi brings to country music a dynamic sound, as evidenced by the cinematic and open-hearted "Love You Who Wanna Love" — which shines a spotlight on all types of relationships. "Games" leans pop, but the singer's vibrant voice is what really commands your attention. Keep an ear on JoLivi’s whimsical sound and message-style songs as her promising career continues to grow.


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