Chuck Wicks is feeling lucky to be alive and not paralyzed following the car accident he and his America’s Morning Show co-hosts were in on Monday.  Wicks is will be released from the hospital , but he will be in a neck brace for about three months, with a lot of discomfort for a while.


Sturgill Simpson Grammy Win
Mike Lawrie, Getty Images

Thanks to his Best Country Album win and stunning performance at the 2017 Grammy Awards, Sturgill Simpson‘s stock continues to rise. Unfortunately, that means ticket scalpers have been snapping up tickets to the singer-songwriter’s upcoming tour dates and looking to sell them at a major profit — a move that isn’t sitting well with Simpson. Like Jason Aldean he is fighting back saying  he is working on an experimental ticketing system that will hopefully prevent scalpers from ruining the live music experience for everyone. The plan is to cancel out scalper purchased tickets and putting the reclaimed tickets back up for sale at normal prices.


carrie underwood ellen degeneres scare
Ellen Degeneres Show

Tornado warnings hit close to home for Carrie Underwood and her family early Wednesday morning. While the singer and her family are safe, she shared details of their home’s damage after the storm passed. She said they woke up to tornado sirens and hail and their chimney is currently in their driveway and tree limbs everywhere. Throughout the state of Tennessee, areas have lost power due to downed power lines and fallen trees.


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