State lawmakers in Sturgill Simpson's home state of Kentucky honored the singer-songwriter on Tuesday (March 20) at the state capitol. The artist was named a Kentucky Colonel, which is the highest title of honor someone can receive from the state's governor.

Born in Jackson and a graduate of Woodford County High School, Simpson was honored by both the Kentucky House of Representatives and Kentucky Senate in Frankfort. In the House, Rep. James Kay called Simpson "a proud Kentuckian" and "a man of the people" (quotes via; he received his Kentucky Colonelcy in the Senate.

Simpson formed the bluegrass band Sunday Valley in Kentucky in 2004, but put his musical dreams on hold to work in a Union Pacific Railroad shipping yard. Also a U.S. Navy vet, Simpson moved to Nashville in 2012 and picked his music career up again. Rep. Kay called his second album, Metamodern Sounds in Country Music, "one of the best albums of all time ... pure Kentucky and ... pure Sturgill Simpson."

"Sturgill is his own man. Independent. Proud. Very proud to be from our great Commonwealth," Kay added. "He’s been compared to many of the legends of country music, and he’s never missed an opportunity to make sure the music industry knows that [the music] belongs to the people."

A few of Simpson's family members, including his father and two children, were in attendance for the special event.


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