We all have those friends out there who hate on country music because of the tired cliche tropes associated with it. Tractors, horses, drinking, heartbreak, etc. While we know those to be completely false, country music has a bad reputation for being depressing. This list is to show your country hating friends that country music deserves to be on their playlist.

Chris Stapleton- Tennessee Whiskey

In recent years, Chris Stapleton has become the face of country music for good reason. His powerful voice and meaningful songs have earned him his awards and recognition. If your friend can listen to his music and not like it, do you really need that person in your life?

Midland- Drinkin Problem

One of the most talked about bands in the last few years is Texas-based Midland. Described as Neo-Traditionalist country boys, they have proven to the world that they are legit cowboys with their soulful honest lyrics and wardrobe choices. It is next to impossible to not sway along to this track from one of country's best newcomers.

Rascal Flatts- Backwards

This is a song that proves poking fun at yourself is always funny Rascal Flatts Backwards talks about how if you play a country song backwards, all the best stuff happens.

Miranda Lambert- Kerosene

Literally girl power, Miranda Lambert is considered one of the most successful female country artists of all time. Do not cross this girl.

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