There is no question that when COVID-19 hit, it hit hard for businesses of all sizes, especially small businesses. Even down to the smallest lemonade stands.

Country Time Lemonade was feeling especially bad that kids just trying to make a lil summer money were also feeling the squeeze... so they decided to do something about it. They stepped up to create "The Littlest Bailout" a promotion that is sending $100 bailout checks to kids that have experienced a loss due to the pandemic.

This nationwide bailout is for children ages 14 years old and younger.  For all the kids that have had high hopes for this summer, you are invited to apply for assistance.

Country Time  says:

"The Stimulus checks are to help kids preserve the values of lemonade stands, honest work, and entrepreneurship, while putting a little juice back into the economy. We know this will be a rough summer for lemonade stands. And if the big guys are getting bailed out, why shouldn't we help the littlest entrepreneurs get the same treatment?"


Applications are being accepted thru August 12th and in order to cash in on this bailout fund, an adult needs to submit a short essay that will explain just how your lil entrepreneur will “use their stimulus check to juice the economy,”  Oh, and they will also need a photo of the lemonade stand or the lemonade stand sign.

Only one submission per household. 1,000 pre-loaded cash gift cards will be awarded. Now that will buy a lot of lemons! Click HERE for official rules and more details.

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