Dear sweet Lord Jesus, what on earth happened to young men in this country. It is embarrassing. Guys will text a girl asking her to go out, then HONK when he gets to her house as if summoning her. You stupid child, stop acting like a cocky jerk. Act a bit humble. Ask her in person, dress nice, walk to the door, tell her she looks great, enjoy the date together. Lets break this down

Ask her in person: I know, she's a female human being and in person words are scary, well guess what, life is scary, ask her on a proper date IN PERSON, with words and phrases, have the date planned out, dont just ask her to "chill" ask her out on a date with the purpose of getting to know her, not to get to the physical stuff. j

Look nice: boy, if you don't own a button down shirt, GET ONE. That girl is going through her closet trying on every article of clothing she owns, she deserves at least a button down. Wash your jeans, comb your damn hair. Wear cologne, NOT AXE.

Walk to the door: ladies, if a young man HONKS for you when he arrives at a date and he honks to get your attention. DO NOT CONTINUE THE DATE unless he comes to the door and apologizes.

Tell her she looks nice: again, she took FOREVER to get ready, choosing many different outfits before deciding her original choice was best. Tell her she looks great, not hot. Great, lovely, beautiful, THAT'S IT.

Enjoy the date together: do not spend the whole date on your phone. If it's going well maybe take a selfie. Don't check Facebook, don't check instagram. Spend time with the person that wants to spend time with you. You have plenty of time to be on your phone.

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