You know the story of Andre the seal right? Maybe?

Well it goes something like this… Andre was a seal pup that was born back in the spring of 1961 on the mid-coast of Maine, right around the town of Rockport. He was rejected and ultimately abandoned by his mother who many believe was killed.  Back in the day there wasn’t a lot of support for these type of events but, this time was different. This helpless seal pup caught the attention of a local tree surgeon by the name of Harry Goodridge. To make a long story short, if you want the long story, there is a book, and also a movie out on the subject, not to mention great firsthand accounts online, however the gist is… Andre and Harry became a team, an unlikely pair who stuck together for 25 years, swimming together, sledding together, driving in the car together, Andre would even hang out in the family bathtub and watch TV.  Andre was more like a dog than a seal. He learned all kinds of tricks, and word spread fast. Soon people from all over the country were stopping by little Rockport Harbor to see for themselves. Many coming back year after year!  Just like the summer tourist, Andre would often head out for the winter and return when the weather became warmer. Until one day Andre didn’t come back. Harry looked for him high and low and eventually found him, washed ashore on a local rocky beach, looked like he had been in a scuffle with a younger seal. It was a sad time. Andre had developed a loyal and loving following and has since been named as honorary harbormaster of Rockport Harbor.

If so inspired make a trek to the harbor yourself.  Once there you can pay homage to Andre at a stone monument of Andre that marks his eternal presence in the place that brought so many smiles to the faces of the people that loved him. Since 1979 the monument has fallen on some hard times and is showing its age. The city of Rockport is currently undertaking a restoration project so the story and the stone replicated monument of Andre can live on for generation to come.

Now you know.

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