In the world of online dating, we've all made mistakes. Type-os, grammar mishaps, maybe we've stretched the truth here and there, or we were a little too honest. That was the fate of one Oklahoma woman who took to the dating app, Bumble and messaged 24-year-old Cannon Harrison.

According to the BDN, this woman, we'll call "Beth", started the conversation by mentioning to Harrison that she recently shot a "bigo buck". This is certainly a point of pride for most hunters, however, hunting (with a rifle) season had ended. Harrison pushed to confirm her hunting method with, "Hell yeah, get em with a bow?", as she would have been legal to hunt with a crossbow, just not at night, playing coy Beth said, "Well we don't need to talk about that."

Unbeknownst to Beth, Harrison is a game warden.

Harrison couldn't resist and asked for a picture of the buck. Once the photo was sent, he found her on social media, verified her identity, and the next day she was visited by some wardens and ultimately pleaded guilty.

So, the lesson here kids is, don't do illegal things, and if you do, don't brag about them to strangers on the internet!

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